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FlashFire 1.0b is an open source web browser for Windows
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FlashFire 1.0b is an open source web browser for Windows.
It has an extremely simple interface, with four tabs. The "Home" tab will let you enter the address that you want to visit. You must press the "Go" button after doing that, the browser will not respond if you just press "Enter" after typing the URL. There are three buttons that will let you refresh the current page, go to the last page visited, or to the next page. You cannot bookmark pages or open new tabs. The program shows an 800x600 window, that cannot be resized. The "Search" tab will let you perform Google searches. The results will be displayed in every tab, replacing the page you were viewing. The "Navigate" tab contains links to Windows Live, Microsoft Home, Microsoft Download Center, Yahoo! and Google. The "Options" tab does not seem to have any purpose, by now.

It is not possible to view the History of pages visited or the page source, find a word into a page, save pages or use add-ons. The program was designed to run under Windows XP, but works flawlessly in Windows Seven.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is very lightweight


  • It lacks a lot of useful functions that most browsers have
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